Personal Projects


  • Biomech Launch

    Biomech Launch was a pilot project aimed at creating an open resource for clinicians and researchers in the biomechanics field. The key feature was a bi-weekly newsletter of biomechanic technology news.

  • Sesamoids

    My research in the Structure and Motion Laboratory at the RVC was part of a grant studying the evolution and development of sesamoid bones in vertebrates, led by Prof John Hutchinson. I studied the knee joint of ostriches in order to gain insight into how and why their knee sesamoids (i.e. patellae) develop. This project began with a detailed anatomical...

  • Ray Locomotion

    My undergraduate research experience took place in the Multi-scale Muscle Mechanics Lab at UVA, led by Dr. Silvia Blemker. I began my experience by helping a PhD candidate construct an artificial batoid ray fin from purchased, CNC machined, and 3D printed parts for experimental validation of computational research. I soon began researching my own topic on this project, studying the...

  • Force Plate

    At the RVC Structure and Motion Lab, I was tasked with building a 6-axis force plate to measure ground reaction forces in salamanders. This was a part of a project led by Prof. John Hutchinson and Dr. Stephanie Pierce investigating early tetrapod locomotion.


  • Augmented Textbook

    This was a proof-of-concept app that I created to demonstrate how animated 3d assets can improve the traditional learning experience. The app was built for Android in Unity, using the ARCore SDK.

  • Breathing Biofeedback

    Prototype app created for the Mira Prism HMD. Wim Hof guides the user in breathing exercises while a breathing panda gives the user feedback on their breaths.

  • Grab-a-Pixel

    For the 2018 Creating Reality Hackathon at USC, I teamed up with two car designers to create augmented reality tool.

  • Snap Lens

    A Snapchat lens made in Snapchat’s “Lens Studio” software.

  • Poly-on-Prism

    A project for creators. Use the Google Poly API on the Mira Prism augmented reality headset to import assets and create a 3d environment.


  • XRLA

    XRLA is the largest AR/VR/ImmersiveTech group in Los Angeles. The other co-founders and I formed the group after participating in the 2018 Creating Reality Hackathon and saw a need for a cohesive XR community in Los Angeles. Since then, the community has grown very quickly with a growing Slack workspace and monthly Meetups for networking and panels of prominent XR...


  • TherapyFlow

    TherapyFlow is a clinical tool for making hand therapy more engaging, accessible, and quantifiable. It takes the common exercises prescribed to patients and gamifies them, in a way that is completely configurable by the therapist.

  • ToolboxUX

    This study set out to design an intuative, easy to use, VR surgical toolbox. In my experience, many VR interfaces and interaction methods are not intuative and require a learning curve to be overcome, especially for users who do not use VR recreationally. In order for users such as surgeons to feel comfortable using a technology, it must become so...

  • Multistream

    This project was made for the ATT 5G Hackathon in October, 2019.